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Facilities & Equipment


GSE Dynamics, Inc.
 (Hauppauge, New York) 35,000 sq. ft.
– Corporate headquarters and main manufacturing and engineering facility. 

GSE Composites, Inc. (Hauppauge, New York) 57,000 sq. ft.
– Facilities and specialized equipment for large, close tolerance composite structures.
– Facilities and equipment for composite and bonded structures.
– A division of GSE Dynamics, Inc. 

Facilities and Equipment Include

Precision Machining and Fabricating 
  • CNC Milling – (2 three axis machine tools)
  • Large planer mills 30 ft. x 20 ft.
  • Conventional machining including Milling, Turning, Grinding
  • Work-cell dedicated to prototyping and quick turn jobs
  • Sheet metal fabrication including shear, press brake, and riveting equipment.
  • Extensive welding capability including continuous seam, spot, resistance as well as fusion welding of exotic alloys in an inert gas environment.
 Composite/Bonded Structures 
  • Autoclave (100" x 24’ work area)
  • Curing oven w/ vacuum ( 12’ x 10’ x 28’ work area)
  • Environmentally controlled lay-up rooms
  • Resin-infusion process equipment
  • Walk-In refrigerated material storage
  • Material testing equipment (Instron, Tinius Olsen)
 Assembly/Finishing/Quality Control 
  • Large surface plates
  • Precision assembly tables (up to 30'.)
  • Paint booths (2) (up to 30’)
  • Browne and Sharpe CMM / Romer portable CMM
  • Precision optical inspection equipment